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Korbous, is situated on the north coast of Cap Bon. The scenic road in places clings to the cliff face with stunning sea views. The surrounding area is mostly dry and barren with a few oases of greenery where springs gush forth from the rocks. From a bend in the road, Korbous suddenly comes into view like a mirage at the foot of a steep ravine.
Set around a few local springs, the small settlement at Korbous has beautiful white beaches at the base of craggy cliffs making it a very dramatic setting.
Just 2 km east of Korbous are the springs of Ain Atrous, the main attraction. The waters emerge at 44-60°C.
The town itself is pleasant with a wide street lined with elegant Tunisian architecture. Most of the elegant buildings date back a few decades to when Korbous was considered a very chic place for the Tunisian elite to have a home. On the shore is a former beyical palace which has been used as the Etablissement Thermal or spa clinic since 1901. Nearby are the ruins of the presidential palace used by Bourguiba.

Road transport
Located about 70 km of Tunis.
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