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Cape Farina is a headland in Bizerte Governorate, Tunisia. It forms the north-western end of the gulf of Tunis. The Tunisian towns of Ghar el Melh, Raf Raf and the beach of Plage Sidi Ali Mekki are located along the peninsula. The cape was known under Roman rule as the Cape of Apollo.

Ghar el Melh

The town and former port on the southern side of Cape Farina. It is military port the 17 centuries. The road leading from Ghar El Melh to the beach is really beautiful, it borders on the right a lake of 30 km2, and on the left the gently sloping of Jbel Nadour.

Raf Raf

This a north-eastern town and commune in the Bizerte Governorate, it has one of the best beaches in Tunisia: a long pale brushstroke fringed by pine trees, set beneath the rugged escarpment.

Sidi Ali El Mekki

It is one of the most amazing marabouts of Tunisia, built around a cave on a mountainside.

Road transport
Located about 64 km of Tunis.
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