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Nefta is a town and oasis in Tunisia, close to the Algerian border, and just north-west of the Chott el Djerid. A town of cube-shaped, flat-roofed houses huddled closely together, with Tozeur-style decoration. In some of the streets the upper stories of the houses, borne on round headed arches, project over the street, forming a kind of tunnel which offers protection from the sun.

«Star Wars»
«Black gold»
«Doctor Popaul»
«House of Sadam»
«Indiana Jones»
«It’s not me, it’s him!»
«Le boulet»
«Pontio Pilate»
«The english patient»
«The mark of Cain»
«The tiger and the snow»
Road transport
Located about 25 km of Tozeur-Nefta Airport and 460 km of Tunis.
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