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Director: Claude Chabrol
Writer: Pierre Vial-Lesou, Paul Gégauff…
Stars: Franco Nero, Stefania Sandrelli, Gert Fröbe…


At a luxury hotel in Djerba, Tunisia, psychic magician Vestar meets the dark Edouard. Heading to the hotel, Vestar has a vision of a woman being murdered in the desert. Edouard, a member of the leisure class, decides to use his influence to make the dream become a reality. Also staying at the resort are Sadry, returning who has come home to visit his dying mother, and his annoying wife Sylvia. Also, there is Martine, an ex-lover of Sadry who would like to get back together with him. The marriage is further strained when Sylvia finds the two of them together. It appears that the prophesied murder has something to do with Sylvia. Specific details from Vestar’s prediction about her death are used by Edouard to make it happen, although in fact his interference alters the results. Sadry comes to terms with her tensions and anger as events build toward the inevitable.

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