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Douz is a town in the Kebili Governorate in the south of Tunisia, known as the «Gateway to the Sahara». The town of Douz has grown up around a large palm oasis that stands on the northern fringe of the Sahara. Surrounded by little other than desert and dry scrub land, historically it was an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan routes.
Camp Zmela is situated on the edge of the Sahara, with tents. This is the best tent camp in the south, in great part because of its isolation and position slap-bang next to some of Tunisia’s mightiest dunes.

Transport routier
Located about 460 km of Tunis.
«The english patient»
«The mark of Cain»
«Doctor Popaul»
«It’s not me, it’s him!»
Transport routier
Situé à environ 560 km de Tunis.
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